06 June 2014

A Few Words About Traveling to ATX and A Brief Review Of The 'Legends' Pilot

Ready for take-off (in about two hours), Captain!
From airtrains being rejuvenated to airport delays, yesterday was one hell of a hectic day! It was pouring when I left the house. I had to cab to a train station a few towns over, take the train to another station, then take a shuttle to the airport where my plane was delayed for about two hours due to the weather. From there, I flew to Austin where I took another shuttle to a few streets away from my hotel. (I gracefully turned down someone asking if I needed help finding where I was going to walk in the wrong direction, of course.) But I'm here in Austin at ATX Festival and I am beyond thrilled! My hands are shaking right now as I type because of how much I love this place.
View from Extended Stay America

I have to point out that I am very fortunate the workers and volunteers at ATX are so kind. After such a long day, I was very tired and frazzled and not thinking straight. Those who were working at the registration desk were patient and made me smile. They listened to my mini rant about the airport delays and got me through registration without so much as even minor confusion. (That's a feat even when I'm wide awake!) I had no questions about where to go or what to do next - which is impressive at a television festival. Imagine a day at Comic Con where everyone is calm and patient and you have a chance to breathe and figure out where you're going and what you're doing next. (A pro to this festival is also the limited amount of tickets that are sold. There are no intense crowds and the festival is very personalized.)

Last night was opening night. I checked into the festival then hit up the airing of the Legends pilot. Make sure to check out Legends when it airs on August 13 on TNT! In the words of my ATX Festival program, “Legends follows deep-cover operative named Martin Odum (Sean Bean), who has an uncanny ability to transform himself into a different person for each job. But his own identity comes into question when a mysterious stranger suggests that Martin isn't who he thinks he is.” 

Legends Premiers August 13 on TNT!
I admit, I'm not that into cop (or in this case FBI) shows. I love murder, grisly deaths, mystery, and everything else that's dark, but I've never gotten into cop shows. (Unless you include Rizzoli & Isles, which, c'mon, you know there are a few other reasons I was dragging into THAT show!) Anyway. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy the show within the first fifteen minutes of the pilot episode due to all the FBI focus (that and I was confused as to what was happening due to my own exhaustion), but then they added a psychological twist that hooked me and refused to let go. (Sean Bean being a perfect fit for such a main character also won me over.) I won't go into it too much, because spoilers and all, but if you like psychological thrillers, Legends is worth giving a shot. Not only is it packed with action, but it also includes a character mystery that will make your brain twist itself into knots wondering what is really going on. (If you're planning on watching the premiere when it airs, comment below and let me know so we can fangirl [or, uh, fanboy???] together!) It seems like a show that may drag in a larger male audience than female.

Brad Turner answers fan questions about the pilot episode
After the show, the audience was lucky enough to welcome director Brad Turner to the stage where he answered several questions regarding the show – including one that viewers may have by the end of the pilot (which could turn several away). Despite the main characters 'insanity?', he will not be waking up in an asylum to find out he is just crazy. (It is always good to know right away that the ending will not be a cop out). As of right now, the show is a 10 episode mini-series, but it has the potential to be renewed for multiple seasons to come. From just watching the pilot episode, I have high hopes that potential viewers will give this show the chance it deserves.

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